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    The production of all our products, take place under a specific O.E.M. approved quality assurance control system and is a standard integrated procedure. At every stage of production, our specialized and experienced staff take care for this most important part of the production process.

    We frequently monitor and integrate new technologies to achieve improvement of the production process.

    Due to our experienced R&D department, are we able to develop and make every type and model water pump, exhaust system, silencer and diaphragm fuel pump. Besides of that we also design and make in house, the moulds, tools, special production equipment and special test equipment facilities, which exceeds the O.E.M. requirements, standards and specifications. We are one of the few companies who is able to do leak and life tests at - 25˚C and we have engine simulation test facilities for water and diaphragm pumps. All this makes us flexible and capable to realize practically all customers wishes and requests.