About Us
    Keba’s activities and production of water pumps started in 2006,  by taking over and incorporating Arslan Oto Company, including the experienced staff and was at that time already for more than 40 years producer and supplier of water pumps to many aftermarket- and O.E.M. / O.E.S. customers.  
    Keba Otomotiv LTD. STi., incorporates the brands Keba Automotive, Keba Exhaust and Keba Moulding.
    Implementation of marketing, acquisition, production and sales activities take place in Izmir with over 70 staff members, on an area of 8.000 m2, in a 4.000 m2 factory. 
    Of the total production, 65% goes to 42 countries in the world under the brand Keba, 20% goes to O.E.M. and O.E.S. and 15% goes to the local market.
    Starting from acquisition to date, frequent innovations and structural changes in the company took place, whereby the development and growth have led to steps  towards a leading company in the market.
    By the current economic conditions, businesses are forced to reduce their costs and to perform efficiently.   
    Judging by the experience in the past 6 years , have shown, that our high quality products, available at a very acceptable price, greatly reduce the costs for a company and the demand for our products has substantial increased.
    Insiders and professionals understood that the time of cheap and unreliable products has passed, because replacing these products cost a lot and is spoiling companies reputations. 
    That is why Keba’s motto is: “Quality will win “.